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The day they came for us
It was six forty three when they came. My daughter, young and pretty, came to find me. There were strange men in the town, she had informed me, asking after us. The greengrocers son had run to the house to tell us. Unsavoury characters, apparently. I had been standing on the rocky outcrop that towers over and protects our little dwelling. It was only the two of us then. We lived on our own. There was no father, no little sister, no protective brother, no annoying in-laws, no one but us. Of course there were the other people in the village. We got on with them, and they were kind, pleasant people. However, perhaps in some kind of fit of precognition, we never grew close to them. They were never really a part of our lives.
Up on the rocky hill where I had sat the wind had beaten me mercilessly. The sun was throwing splashes of gold, crimson and rose into the sky, the colour and fading warmth being blown over the land, falling and settling in the windows of the little cottages in the vill
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Screen shot this!! by dropofjam Screen shot this!! :icondropofjam:dropofjam 1 2
The crossroads streach forward, branching in every direction. Some paths are stony, some steep, some narrow and some overgrown, yet not one path can be determined better or easier then any other. Each path shows openly its hurdles and hides its hardships. The wanderer stands on this converging of roads, unsure, scared and nervous. Once a path is chosen that path must be kept. Keep moving forward. There is only forward and falling. You must not fall. To fall is to fail. To be destroyed. To face uncertain doom.
It is not a crossroad, but a sheer cliff. To survive one must climb it. Don't jump down, don't fall, don't slip. The sharks, the jagged rocks, the churning water, that is what waits at the bottom, ready to take any who cannot hold on. Ready to open their arms, engulf, swallow and break.
Don't get lost.
Don't fall.
Don't stop.
:icondropofjam:dropofjam 1 0
A letter part 12
"Your friend Tom's here to see you, Charlie." The doctor announced, entering the room and trailed by the bluenette that Charlie didn't know and didn't particularly want to talk to.
The doctor checked the machines hooked up to the old man across the room, pulled the curtains around the sleeping figure, then left Tom alone with Charlie.
"Hi," Tom said, sitting down and breaking the silence.
"Hi," Charlie mumbled in reply.
"Listen, Charlie, you have no idea who I am." It wasn't a question. Charlie shook his head.
"And you're no longer the Charlie I knew." Charlie shrugged at this.
"Well then, hello," Tom said, offering a hand to Charlie, "My name's Tom. Tom Milsom. Glad to make your aquaintance."
"I'm Charlie, but you can call me Charlie." Both boys smiled as they shook hands.
"So Charlie, I was watching this horrid chickflick on tellie last night, I don't suppose you saw it?"
Charlie laughed, "Which one? The number of terrible chick flicks on last night was extrodinary!"
And so the time
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A letter part 11
The old man across the room was asleep. His breathing the only sound in the room.  My mind had been turning in circles, my heart tying into knots. My mothers face, twisted with grief, floated behind my eyelids. That's why I couldn't sleep. That's why I tossed and turned. I hated myself for the pain I caused her. I couldn't. I musn't. I won't.
The pain was threatening to tear me apart.
I couldn't escape.
I was going nowhere until my memory came back.
I couldn't leave.
I was trapped.
I was alone.
The strangers expect so much.
They come in here.
They try to make me remember.
They try to help.
They don't.
They have no idea how painful it is for me to see their frustration.
I'm tired of forcing a smile.
Tired of pretending.
tired of expecting.
I want out.
:icondropofjam:dropofjam 1 2
A Letter Part Ten
"So.... I don't actually know you?"
She shook her head.
"And you're telling me that you, a complete stranger, would regularly visit a total random who you found passed out in the street in hospital? Just because you can."
"No Charlie. I, a complete stranger, would visit a beautiful young man who needed some help because I care and want to see him feeling better."
Charlie shook his head.
"And you're sure this isn't an elaborate hoax? You're not really my best friend and thse other guys the strangers?"
"Oh Charlie, I'm not lying. Don't let your friends hear you say that either because they'd get a bit upset."
Charlie saw the logic in that and nodded his acceptance.
Sarah had been by his bed for all of fifteen minutes and yet he felt he knew her. The tragic tale she spun of how they met seemed as outlandish as the stories the others had told him, but he didn't say that. He didn't tell them and he wouldn't tell her. He would remember.
The afternoon passed quickly, and by the end of Sarahs
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A Letter part nine
His friends had left. Well, at least he assumed they were his friends. He had no idea who they were but then he knew nothing outside the white room and hard bed in which he lay. The three boys had spent hours telling him stories. Stories about him. They said they were telling the unembellished truth, yet he didn't feel any farmiliarity with the boy called Charlie who featured in the stories. Charlie was both the hero and the villan. The gramma nazi and the slob. He wondered idly if they had the wrong boy. If there was another boy with brown hair and a mole sitting in another crisp white bed wondering at his own history and lack of memory who would be farmiliar with these tales. Somehow he doubted it.
"Good morning, Charlie" the doctor called cheerfully as he entered. "I have another visitor for you!"
Charlie gathered himself to put on another cheery face, to pretend to feel something for this person he didn't know who would soon walk in and expect him to remember. Maybe he didn't want
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My eyes by dropofjam My eyes :icondropofjam:dropofjam 0 0
A letter Part Eight
Charlie was pale. There were large bags under his eyes and his hands were shaking slightly. As soon as Tom saw Charlie sitting up in his bed he ran forward, hugging the sick looking boy in the hospital bed. Alex and Ed were hot on his heels, and the three boys voicd their relief at seeing their friend awake.
Charlie looked down shyly.
"Hello...." He mumbled.
"Charlie," Ed started slowly, "What do you remember? You know who we are, right?"
"Umm.... Well, you seem vaguely familiar...." Charlie mumbled quietly.
The other three boys exchanged looks.
" don't know who we are?" Alex asked, knowing the answer but fearing the truth.
Charlie shook his head slightly. "Not really. Sorry....."
--------Several hours later---------
Ed watched through the door as Tom and Alex told Charlie stories. He could not hear what his friends were saying, but he could see Charlies face, lit up in awe as he heared stories of his own times shared with these young men he remembered nothing about. The docto
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Against SOPA! by dropofjam Against SOPA! :icondropofjam:dropofjam 2 4 A letter part 8 by dropofjam A letter part 8 :icondropofjam:dropofjam 0 0
A Letter Part Seven
*Charlies POV*
It hurt. I don't know what. Don't know how. All that existed was pain. It started in my head, and travelled down my spine, branching out until it reached every part of my body. Nowhere was safe from the creeping pain. I could hear my friends, and Tom. Tom was helping me. I tried to open my eyes for him. The light blinded me and my vision swam, the pain in my head doubling. The bluenetts face floated before me, before the pain pulled my eyes shut again. All I could hear was a dull ringing. The air felt heavy and hot. The freezing heat. Another voice now. A new one. I try to reply; my voice sounding but what comes out is a mystery to me. The darkness pulls me down, drowning me, killing me.
"Can you still hear me? Charlie?"
The darkness closes over.
:icondropofjam:dropofjam 1 4
Shopping for a soul mate
Alex stared at his chair, the broken wheel still in his hand, his knuckle while from gripping it so hard. Tears sprang forth in his eyes, making his vision swim, and he began to shake slightly, so strong were the feelings of love, hate and betrayal coursing through him.
"You treated me like I was special," He whispered, his voice quivering, "You made me feel important, tall. You were my constant," his voice grew stronger, "No matter what horrific things might happen to me throughout the day, you were always here, promising me a soft, safe place to sit. Never before you had my butt felt so supported yet so comfortable. We could have taken on the world. We DID take on the world! The two of us grew from obscurity into popularity together! I never would have made videos without you. Sitting in front of a computer, filming and then editing was made fun with you, and only you. No other chair could have brought me so far!"
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to steady himself, then in a
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A letter Part Six
Tom sat by the bed in which Charlie laid, Alex and Sarah standing behind him. They had been quiet for some time. Ed had just called, wondering where they had gotten to while he was playing and sounding a bit injured that they hadn't stuck around to hear him play. Until he heard about Charlie, that is. It was the morning by now, and the doctors were even at that moment trying to figure out what on earth was wrong with the skinny boy lying unconscious beside his friends.
"Sarah, don't you have anywhere you need to be?" Tom had been merely curious, but the question had sounded pointed, "I mean, you don't even know him!"
"No, nowhere. But if you want me to, of course I'll leave. I'm just worried about your friend...." She trailed off, her gaze never moving from the face of her unconscious new friend.
"Of course you're welcome to stay." Alex said.
The doctor entered.
"Visiting time is over. I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave now. Mr McDonnell needs have some more tests run."
The three boys
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A letter part five
The boys passed a leisurely day playing video games and watching reruns. Ed arrived home suddenly in the early afternoon, announcing that he had great news to share with them.
"I've got a gig!" He shouted excitedly.
Tom and Charlie congratulated him, promising to come and watch him. Ed could hardly sit still all afternoon, until finally Tom took action.
"Ed, don't you think we should go down to the venue and check out the acoustics and stuff?" Tom suggested.
A moment later the three boys were walking out the door.
"We need to tether you to the earth, Ed, otherwise you'll bounce right off!" Tom exclaimed.
Tom got them purposefully a little lost on the walk to the venue, because he didn't want to get there too quickly and the exercise would probably help calm his nerves. They got there a little early, but not excessively so. Ed went to set up, and his mates helped him. It seemed no time at all before the three boys were getting booted away so Ed could play. They went and sat in a corner
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A letter Part Four
Alex was still in bed when Charlie awoke the next morning. He wasn't hungry, so he just pulled on his clothes and left the flat, his thoughts on Alex. The path disappeared beneath his feet, the monotonous grey broken occasionally with pieces of chewing gum, a tire mark, a spilt drink, until grey gave way to green as he entered the park. He sat on the grass under a tree, and rested his chin in his hands. Do I love him? Could I love him? Maybe he IS just a good friend. A really good friend, but a friend none the less. Charlie tried to imagine kissing Alex. In his mind, the kiss would feel good. It just felt wrong, however. He didn't know what was going on in his head, but one thing's for sure; he didn't want to kiss Alex. He lay back in the grass, finding patterns in the clouds. He could see a fish. And there was an elephant over there, near a blob that reminded him of a guitar. Alex can play guitar so well, he thought. Ed is a wonderful guitarist too though. And To
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Hand Painted Dr Who Guitar by gixxer11 Hand Painted Dr Who Guitar :icongixxer11:gixxer11 8 2 Ponyo Dresser 9 by TokyoRain91 Ponyo Dresser 9 :icontokyorain91:TokyoRain91 3 0
Mature content
Title: Relationships by numbers :iconthegrouch314:thegrouch314 4 8
Mature content
Hard To Ignore :iconthatswedishgirl:ThatSwedishGirl 7 17
the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses
Title: the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses
Author: ThatSwedishGirl
Pairing: Cherimon
Genre: Romance
Rating: Go ahead!
Warnings: -
Disclaimer: I do not own these people and this story is 100% fictional
Summary: Alex have a tendency to run away from a pair of eyes the colour of the sky after heavy rain. One day, something - or rather someone - stops him from turning around.
The first time Alex saw Charlie was at the park. He had been sick for almost two weeks and was deathly tired of lying in bed (and he had already rewatched the last season of Doctor Who twice). So he decided to go for a walk. It was a bit chilly outside, so he had a scarf tightly tied around his neck and his cheeks had turned a light shade of pink.
And that was when he saw Charlie.
He had come to the part of the park where there was nothing but grass. Because of this, there was always a group of friends playing football there. Alex was never one of them, because of two reasons. One, he couldn’t act
:iconthatswedishgirl:ThatSwedishGirl 6 29
Masquerade by IllustratedEye Masquerade :iconillustratedeye:IllustratedEye 773 89 My Nieghbor Totoro Hoodie by 3va3va My Nieghbor Totoro Hoodie :icon3va3va:3va3va 153 49 rain on my umbrella and totoro by yael360 rain on my umbrella and totoro :iconyael360:yael360 723 57 jiji and kitten hand bag by yael360 jiji and kitten hand bag :iconyael360:yael360 422 42 Very happy soot and stars pencil case by yael360 Very happy soot and stars pencil case :iconyael360:yael360 474 30 soot sprites bag by yael360 soot sprites bag :iconyael360:yael360 1,793 130 Studio Ghibli Totoro Bleach Stencil Tee - Black by PhaseChan Studio Ghibli Totoro Bleach Stencil Tee - Black :iconphasechan:PhaseChan 67 3 Studio Ghibli Soot Sprites by sugarstitch Studio Ghibli Soot Sprites :iconsugarstitch:sugarstitch 128 34 The Making of My Neighbor Totoro by emilySculpts The Making of My Neighbor Totoro :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 953 0 Studio Ghibli loving bracelet Version 5 by tivibi Studio Ghibli loving bracelet Version 5 :icontivibi:tivibi 152 21 No Face Cupcake Hoop by iggystarpup No Face Cupcake Hoop :iconiggystarpup:iggystarpup 155 20


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Oooooh.... Hmmm..... Probably 15 fingers. You can't walk properly if you have no toes! and having more fingers could be useful, especially if some of them were opposable thumbs too >.<

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Mummy's best friend :)

3) What is on your ceiling?
Only my light. How boring. I used to have glow-in-the-dark stars!

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On my bed :)

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I certainly do! But my boyfriend doesn't and I think he's weird. Who doesn't like icecream? >.<

6) Favourite pizza topping?

7) Favourite candle shape?
I like traditional cylindrical candles. Not the big tall ones, the shorter stubby ones :)

8) Sofas or beanbags?
Well, depends on how squidgy the sofa was ;) Probably bean bags though, even though I don't have one :)

9) Would you rather live in a boat house or a tree house?
Hmm, maybe a boat house? You could travel around and you wouldn't have to climb up the tree in the rain or whatever the weather might be >.< Although, I do like trees, so that could go either way :)

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Eggs are yummy, but we should only eat eggs that the bird who laid it was treated well :) Eggs in their shells also have a very aesthetically pleasing shape ^_^

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5) Any fetishes? ;) (If not, what fetishes make you squirm? :3 )
6) Strangest question someone has asked you?
7) Favourite item of clothing?
8) Cornflakes or porridge?
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10) Moon or stars?

I'm not going to tag people, but answer my questions in the comments and I'll be very happy? Or even just answer the ones you think are interesting :P ^_^




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